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Advanced Maintenance of Traffic qualification is required for any person responsible for the design of work zone traffic control site-specific plans to route roadway users including pedestrians and bicyclists safely around work operations. Responsibilities include:

  • Produce clear and concise temporary traffic control plans including barriers
  • Develop Transportation Management Plans
  • Consult with Traffic Operations during construction operations expected to impact daily traffic flows
  • Consult Public Information Officers to provide messages to public concern significant construction projects
  • Follow guidance in Construction Project Administration Manual
  • Reference appropriate Standard Plans Index and necessary modifications
  • Develop clear plan notes and specifications for temporary traffic control
  • Develop plans and notes to clearly identify work zone phasing
  • Ability to operate as Worksite Traffic Supervisor
  • Develop cost estimates for work zone implementation

Who Should Complete This Course?

  • Professional Engineers
  • FDOT employees
  • Local agency maintenance workers
  • Local agency roadway personnel
  • FDOT and local agency contractor
  • Construction engineering inspector
  • Private consultant personnel in surveying, engineering, and underground utility
  • Federal, State, and local work zone traffic control planner, designer, superintendent, and inspector
  • Roadway construction crew personnel
  • Roadway maintenance crew personnel
  • Emergency responders
  • Police officers
  • Road rangers


Additional information

Class Date Advanced MOT

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