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This Advanced Refresher Class will review changes to Index 600 and MUTCD, which affect traffic control operations, as well as reiterate work zone practices.

The class discussion will focus on the history and reasons work zone training was developed. Federal policy will be covered as well as State of Florida policy and respective manuals used. FDOT standards need to be applied to all FDOT maintained roadways. Highway Safety must be a high priority.

Advanced Maintenance of Traffic qualification is required for any person responsible for the design of work zone traffic control site-specific plans to route roadway users including pedestrians and bicyclists safely around work operations. Responsibilities include:

  • Produce clear and concise temporary traffic control plans including barriers
  • Develop Transportation Management Plans
  • Consult with Traffic Operations during construction operations expected to impact daily traffic flows
  • Consult Public Information Officers to provide messages to public concern significant construction projects
  • Follow guidance in Construction Project Administration Manual
  • Reference appropriate Standard Plans Index and necessary modifications
  • Develop clear plan notes and specifications for temporary traffic control
  • Develop plans and notes to clearly identify work zone phasing
  • Ability to operate as Worksite Traffic Supervisor
  • Develop cost estimates for work zone implementation

Who Should Complete This Course?

  • Professional Engineers
  • FDOT employees
  • Local agency maintenance workers
  • Local agency roadway personnel
  • FDOT and local agency contractor
  • Construction engineering inspector
  • Private consultant personnel in surveying, engineering, and underground utility
  • Federal, State, and local work zone traffic control planner, designer, superintendent, and inspector
  • Roadway construction crew personnel
  • Roadway maintenance crew personnel
  • Emergency responders
  • Police officers
  • Road rangers


  • Current Advanced Maintenance of Traffic / Temporary Traffic Control qualification
  • Check your qualification expiration date before registering for a Refresher course
  • Recommended prerequisites to become certified initially include two years of experience in construction project administration and traffic control plan development
  • Find a two-day Advanced MOT training course for initial qualification
  • The two-day course is required if your expiration date has passed

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