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The Drilled Shaft Inspection Qualification Class provides a basis for state qualification of personnel as Inspectors of Drilled Shaft construction on FDOT projects.  The goal of this course is to provide Inspectors with the practical knowledge, accepted standard Industry practices and specifications for fulfilling the role of a Drilled Shaft Inspector. This course is designed to be of most benefit to personnel involved in performing inspection of drilled shaft construction operations.

The course follows recommended specifications and practices for drilled shaft construction but may be modified to follow local agency specifications and practices.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the role and duties of the inspector
  • Recognize key inspection elements of the contract documents
  • Identify proper communication and coordination with the engineer and contractor
  • Interpret and verify contractor compliance with items in the drilled shaft installation plan
  • Recognize and identify drilled shaft construction equipment and tools
  • Perform visual field verification of soil/rock material for comparison to supplied soil boring data/logs
  • Calculate percent recovery and rock quality designation (RQD)
  • Recognize and identify the various types of drilled shaft construction
  • Perform inspection of drilled shaft excavations for compliance with plans, construction tolerances, and cleanliness
  • Verify reinforcing cage construction compliance including side spacers and cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) tubes
  • Determine concrete volumes for theoretical shafts and develop concrete curves
  • Identify shaft “concreting” irregularities
  • Perform calculations for volume, area, circumference, and elevation
  • Locate, explain, and apply applicable FHWA, AASHTO, and State DOT specifications relating to compliance

Target Audience:

The target audience for this course includes agency and consultant personnel who inspect foundations or major structures. In addition, project management and construction engineers in charge of drilled shaft construction inspection are encouraged to attend. This course is designed to be most beneficial to foundation inspectors who are responsible for inspecting drilled shafts during construction.

Course Exam:

  1. Written Examination
    • Open book examination
    • The exam is divided into three sections:
      a. Fundamentals of Drilled Shaft
      b. Equipment, Excavation, and Clearing
      c. Rebar Cage, Concrete Testing and Safety
    • Written examination must be completed within two (2) hours.
  1. Passing Grades
    • Certification will be granted to a candidate who achieves a minimum grade of 70% within each of the three sections with an overall minimum score of 80% for the entire exam.
  1. Re-examination Policies
    • A candidate failing the written examination will be required to retake the examination.
    • Only one (1) re-examination will be allowed.
    • Candidates failing the re-examination will be required to retake the entire certification course and examination at full cost.
    • The cost for a re-examination is $100.00 and re-examinations must be completed within six (6) months of the candidate’s initial examination date.


Required course and examination for continued certification as a Drilled Shaft Foundation Inspector. The course will include a review of important topics and instruction on changes in the industry, equipment, specifications and test procedures.

  1. Inspectors wanting to maintain their certification are required to attend a re-certification course in its entirety and successfully pass the written examination.
  2. Any candidate who fails the re-certification exam and subsequent re-test is required to attend a new full certification course and pass the examination.

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