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This is the QC Technician who must be qualified to perform acceptance tests such as Nuclear Density Tests, Speedy Moisture, sampling soils, and reporting results in the Earthwork Record Systems.

A qualified ECI Level 1 Technician should safely and effectively sample soil materials from the roadway, take earthwork density readings, and record those findings on the Density Data Forms.

Requirements for Earthwork Level 1 qualification:

  1. Hold a valid nuclear radiation safety certificate. Department employees who have completed the Safety and Control Equipment with Radioactive Materials Course (ST-06-0001) satisfy this requirement. Applicants must certify that they meet/don’t meet this requirement on the application.
  2. Pass the Earthwork Level 1 written examination.
  3. Pass the Earthwork Level 1 proficiency examination.

Personnel who test earthwork to verify material quality, resolve disputes, or perform Independent Assurance (IA) must also possess this qualification.

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Class Date ECI Lvl I

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