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This is for the technician, private lab or contractor employee who is qualified to perform acceptance tests such as Surface Tolerance (Rolling Straightedge and Cross Slope) Random Sampling, Core Sampling and Testing, and Density calculation. Entry-level Department employees performing these tests should obtain this qualification.

Course Objective:

To assure that all test results that are used for quality control, verification, dispute resolution and acceptance of asphalt mixtures are performed in accordance with the Standard Test Methods so that the test results reflect the actual characteristics of asphalt and whether specifications are met.

Subject Matter:

-Practice for Random Sampling of Construction Materials (ASTM D3665)
-Rolling Straight Edge
-Core Sampling and Temperature Measurement
‚Äč-Density of Soils and Bituminous Concrete Mixtures in Place by the Nuclear Method (FM 1-T-238)



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