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This course covers the preparation of final estimates by field personnel.  In this module, we will explore the intricate details of the Department of Transportation’s management system for construction projects.

We will delve into all aspects of final estimates source documentation, as well as providing guidance on calculations for area, volume, linear, and weight measurements, and take a comprehensive look at the criteria and procedures for other types of measurement and payment.

Finally, we’ll discuss the resources necessary for efficiently preparing and submitting a final estimate.

  • Planning and Programming — studies of improvement needs, determination of priorities and establishment of construction programs consistent with financial capabilities
  • Design — geometric and structural design of roadways and bridges, and preparation of detailed plans and specifications for individual projects
  • Contract Administration — preparation of contract documents, advertisements for bids, evaluation of contractors’ proposals and award of contracts
  • Construction Management — inspection and testing of construction work as it progresses to ensure that workmanship and materials are in conformance with the plans and specifications
  • Contractor Payments — measurement and payment for work performed through monthly progress estimates and a final estimate on completion of each project


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Class Date FE I

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